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Our Management Team

Ken Bachman, Chief Executive Officer Ken has had hands-on financial and manufacturing experience since 1982. When not neck-deep in business matters, Ken enjoys all outdoor activities with his bride and two children.Ken Bachman
Dan Skees, Consultant of Operations Dan began his career in cable assembly manufacturing in 1966. currently retired, yet bestows his Knowledge as needed. Life outside of work includes touring the country with his wife. Dan Skees
Larry Smith, Cost Estimating/Account Manager Larry built cable assemblies in 1979 and moved into production management before acquiring his current position. He is active in his Christian church and loves to spend time with his grandchildren,constantly being amazed as they develop into responsible, mature individuals.Larry Smith
Barbara Wedemeyer, Production Manager Barb started in 1979 doing assembly and cable winding. She was promoted to supervisor and eventually to management. She keeps fit by working out and walking, enjoys time with her daughters, and going to movies.Barbara Wedemeyer
Vicki Bearly, Purchasing Manager Vicki'ss career began in 1977 with assembly work, then she moved to the stockroom, becoming a purchasing clerk, then a purchaser. Vicki delights in spending time with family, gardening and reading.Vicki Bearly
Joe Derrera, Quality Manager Joe originated his career in cable assembly in 1984. He progressed to Cost Estimator, then Account Manager to his current position as Quality Manager. Away from work he's found either with his family, fishing or bow hunting.Joe Derrera
Carol Tuhkanen, Finance Manager Carol embarked on her career in public and private accounting in 1986. She appreciates the outdoors, shopping and spending time with her family.Carol Tuhkanen