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SMI Major Equipment

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AMP/Tyco CLS IV+ Automated Cut/Strip/Termination Equipment (CLSIV)AMP/Tyco CLS IV+
2 Komax Kappa 225 High Speed Wire Processor
& Wire De-Spooler
Wire De-SpoolerKomax Kappa 225 High Speed Wire Processors
Schleuniger UC3750 Programmable Flat Ribbon and Tubing CutterSchleuniger Tubing/Ribbon Cutter
Schleuniger Coaxial Prep MachineSchleuniger Coaxial Prep Machine
Tyco/Amp "G" Cable Termination PressTyco/Amp G Cable Termination Press
Panduit Automatic Tie-Wrap MachinePanduit Automatic Tie-Wrap Machine
Cirris Circuit Test EquipmentCirris Circuit Test Equipment
Cirris Wire/Crimp Pull TesterCirris Wire/Crimp Pull Tester
Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine
Schleuniger US2100 Universal Wire Stripper
Schleuniger CT32 Pneumatic Crimper
17 Tyco/Amp "K" Cable Termination Presses
Molex Cable Termination Presses
Panduit Cable Termination Presses
Newbury 75 Ton Vertical Inject Molding Machine
Illinois Precision Corp Rotary Inject Molding Machine
Modern Lighted/Ergonomic Work Stations

SMI Tools

We have multiple hand tools including (but not limited to): Hirose, Indent, Tyco, Molex and Sta-Kon.

Hirose Crimp ToolIndent Crimp ToolHirose Crimp ToolTyco Crimp Tool
Tyco Crimp ToolTyco Crimp ToolMolex Crimp ToolMolex Crimp Tool
Indent Crimp ToolSta-Kon Crimp Tool